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Bucle is one of the latest additions to the Opoggio collection.

Through years of experience, we managed to “bend” the Opoggio Crystals into a truly unique shape. Based on the Double Helix, the shape of DNA.

Made of Brass.

Dettagli tecnici:

Cod. Led Opoggio-DDS1222

100-240V Frequenza Power PWM – 300-10000 Hz (consigliata 3000 Hz) 24 Vdc – 4W X 4 – 1200 Lumen

Dimmable power PWM

  • Extra warm light (2700 K)
  • Warm light (3000 K)
  • Natural light (4000 K)

Light temperature is Fixed US VERSION AVAILABLE

Available finishes:
• Aged Brass