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The Tufa pendant lamp is crafted from brass rings cut and welded by hand. The intersections are in leather, and the crystal’s shape is organic. It is simply unique within its category. The provided measurements are just an example; typically, the lamp is always customized according to the project and the customer’s requests. The number of elements is also determined based on the dimensions.
The maximum height achievable is 12 meters.

Technical Details:

Cod. Led Opoggio-DDS1223

Power Frequency PWM – 300-10000 Hz
(recommended 3000 Hz)
24 Vdc – 4W 500 Lumen

Dimmable power

  • Extra warm light (2700 K arancione)
  • Warm light (3000 k)
  • Natural light (4000K)

Light temperature is Fixed


Available finishes:
• Matte white – made of brass
• Matte black – made of brass
• Aged/patinated brass
• Aged/patinated copper
• Other colors available on request