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The idea of making lamps was born in the dark.
As a child, I always tried to improve the gas lamp that lit the room where I slept. It was the only source of light at night, because in the times of communism in Eastern Europe we had electricity for only 2 hours, from 18:00 to 20:00.

My favorite cartoon was “Gopo” it was about this character with the same name that lit and transformed the earth and moon. Every day it was played on TV for no more than 10 minutes from 18:50 to 19:00. A few minutes before I would stop from any activity, leave my friends and run home to watch the cartoon. I was so enthusiastic that everyone started calling me Gopo.

I cannot thank enough the creator of this cartoon Ion Popescu – Gopo for making this fantastic, animated film that inspired me and his amazing career. Unfortunately, he died in the first week after our liberation from communism.

The name of the brand “Opoggio” is formed from the words “Io Gopo” and has an important meaning for me and for the history of the brand.

I gained the knowledge and skill to make these design pieces in many years, in my new home Milan, Italy, the showcase of design.

Gopo, the lack of electricity, and my love for handmade stimulated my idea to build lamps. Every piece is made in Italy, which represents more than a standard of quality. It represents a unique social fabric composed of artisans and providers of high-quality materials and products.