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Inspired by tree branches, Twig is a complex pendant lamp that becomes a statement piece in any room in which it is placed.

It has eighteen light points orientated in different directions in order to distribute the light uniformly. Each of them is an Opoggio Crystal. They can be either cylindrical or shaped like our Bulgare lamp as an irregular sphere, resembling a snowball.

Twig is connected to the ceiling via a brass tube that contains the electric cables.

It is covered with hand-cut brass or copper rings (depending on the finish).

Technical Details:

Cod. Led Opoggio-DDS1223

Power Frequency PWM – 300-10000 Hz
(recommended 3000 Hz)
24 Vdc – 4W 500 Lumen

Dimmable power PWM

  • Extra warm light (2700 K)
  • Warm light (3000 K)
  • Natural light (4000 K)

Light temperature is Fixed


Available finishes:
• Matte white – made of brass
• Matte black – made of brass
• Aged/patinated brass
• Aged/patinated copper
• Other colors available on request