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Candel is our reinterpretation of the wax candles used in the old times to bring light at night time.
It maintains the same pleasant feeling, but whit a modern approach.It is made entirely out in over 40 brass or copper hand cut rings with a thickness of over 3 mm and features our characteristic transparent sculpture that illuminates.

Technical details with battery:

Sourcee – 2,8 W , LED 

  • Extra warm light (2700 K)
  • Warm light (3000 K)
  • Natural light (4000 K)
  • Cold light (6700 K)

Light temperature is Fixed



Dimmable touch 4 level
On/ Off touch – battery life 10 hours

Available finishes:
• Matte white – made out of brass
• Matte black – made out of brass
• Aged/patinated brass
• Aged/patinated copper
• Other colors available on request