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Torch, as the name suggests, is our reinterpretation of the torches which have been used throughout history to bring light at night or as a symbol of celebration.

It is covered in hand-cut rings, made of brass or copper (depending on the finish).

It features a 21 cm (8.27 in) tall Opoggio Crystal, which represents the flame of the Torch.

Technical details:

Cod. Led Opoggio-DDS1222

Power Frequency PWM – 300-10000 Hz (recommended 3000 Hz)
24 Vdc – 4W 300 Lumen

Dimmable power PWM

  • Extra warm light (2700 K)
  • Warm light (3000 K)
  • Natural light (4000 K)

Light temperature is Fixed


Available finishes:
• Matte white – made of brass
• Matte black – made of brass
• Aged/patinated brass
• Aged/patinated copper
• Other colors available on request