Flamingo is a reinterpretation of the design of “She”.
Its middle piece is made out of wood, volcanic rock and aluminum. It is covered with parallel brass bars that continue onto the sculptures. This makes them appear as extensions of the middle piece creating a sense of continuity.
Its design is focused on the resin crystal sculptures as they represent the most substantial part of the lamp. This allows the viewer to observe them in all their complexity.
Flamingo can be mounted parallel or perpendicular to the wall.

Technical details:

100-240 V – 50/60 HZ
Led 5 W
500 (x) lumen

  • Extra warm light (2700 K)
  • Warm light (3000 K)
  • Natural light (4000 K)
  • Cold light (6700 K)

Light temperature is Fixed



Available finishes:
• Matte white – made out of brass
• Matte black – made out of brass
• Aged/patinated brass
• Aged/patinated copper
• Other colors available on request